Vijay raaz funny scene ye to tatti hai meme video download

Ye To Tatti Hai Dialogue
Among the various hilarious moments in “Delhi Belly,” one particular scene featuring Vijay Raaz has become a sensation. In this scene, Vijay Raaz portrays the character of a gangster named Somayajulu. With his impeccable comic timing and eccentric delivery, he captivates the audience and leaves them in splits of laughter.

The Memorable Dialogue
The dialogue that has become synonymous with this scene is “Ye to tatti hai,” which translates to “This is garbage.” Vijay Raaz’s character utters these words in a comical manner, creating a humorous impact that resonates with viewers. This iconic dialogue has since been widely used in memes, videos, and social media posts, further amplifying its popularity.

ye to tatti hai meme video download


ye to tatti hai meme GIF download



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