Jennifer Aniston getting back with ex-husband Justin Theroux? Couple reunite for dinner in NYC, Story 2023

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got back together on Saturday night for a late supper in the busy city of New York. The former couple has remained close throughout the years despite divorcing in 2017. Jason Bateman and Amanda Anka, two pals, joined them for the supper. At the well-known restaurant II Cantinori, Jennifer and Justin sat across from one another after exchanging a heartfelt embrace.

In her simple black cardigan and coordinating trousers, Jennifer radiated effortless elegance as she left the restaurant, a single red rose clutched tenderly in her palm. She seemed more put together thanks to the boots and handbag in the same color. In his dark green jacket, pants, and boots, Justin looked slick and dapper by her side. He had a dashing appearance, and his trademark thick beard gave him a rugged charm.

Is a romance on the horizon?

Jennifer arrived alone at the restaurant, but Justin, Jason, and Jason’s wife, Amanda, soon joined her. Jennifer sat across from Justin and gave him a warm embrace as they all ate their supper together. Jennifer was seen stepping outside with an umbrella and a solitary rose as the meal came to an end.

When Justin and Jennifer collaborated on the film Wanderlust in May 2011, their relationship officially started. On August 10, 2012, they made their engagement public. Their wedding day was August 5, 2015. The pair did, however, announce their split on February 15, 2018, blaming the conclusion of 2017.

Following their touching reunion for a table read of the 1980s sitcom Facts of Life in December 2021, Justin and Jennifer were seen holding hands. They even took a picture of themselves cuddling up, which Justin posted on his Instagram story. Between the two celebrities could be spotted actress Ann Dowd.

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